Monday, 10 September 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

Well, if they choose to have the Timmies chicken noodle soup deal that is!  A huge congratulations going out to  @15Ballerz for being the randomly selected winner of our very first contest for the $20 Tim Hortons gift card!  WooHoo!

So last week I received my Warner Brothers "The Apparition" T-shirt (twitter win), 2 passes to visit Wonderland one last time this year (twitter win), 2 double passes to 2 midnight TIFF screenings (twitter win), 1 ticket to a high-profile TIFF screening (facebook win), $75 gift card to Giant Tiger and 2 tickets to Sarah McLachlan's "Canada's Walk of Fame" performance with K'naan (radio call-in win), and 2 Calvin Harris tickets (radio call-in win).  Overall, you can say it was a pretty good week!

I've had many people ask me what my secret to winning on the radio is. . . to be honest with you, its no secret.  And just to be clear, I don't have a direct dial number that bypasses the "contest" line!  The only real "tips" I can offer is to have the number already pre-dialed on your phone (this will speed up the "redial" functionality), know when the contests will be held throughout the day, and only call when the show's host announces the "call now" or plays the secret song, or says the secret word, or whatever other gimmicky catch they have to get you to call in.  Calling in advance of "the cue" will not get you through any faster.  You'll just get hung-up on either by the host or the phone will continue to ring until the system hangs up on you.  One last little tip, don't give up until you hear them announce the winner on-air.  This has happened more than once to me, where the right caller gets stage fright and hangs up and luckily I happen to be the next caller through!  I never understood how you can be afraid to be heard on the radio, no one really knows who you are and they can't see your face, whats the big deal?  Anywho, hopefully this helps you win your next on-air radio contest. 

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