Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Free Things Roll Call . . .

  Ok, so I received an email from FutureShop.ca saying I had won a . . .Free T-Shirt from their Facebook "El Trucko" contest! 

How many of my lovely readers were lucky enough to score this T-Shirt?  And how many of those are a little upset that we received THAT email, instead of the one congratulating us for winning $10,000?  Well, at the end of the day, at least we won something!  Not everyone can win the Grand Prize, so a big congrats to the mystery winner (which I don't believe they've announced yet!).  On to the next one!

I had won a free screening pass from the lovely people at SceneCreek, to check out "Lawless", but unfortunately due to a last minute work obligation, I had to miss it.  Was hoping to see it, but I guess I'll have to watch it when it officially comes out in theatres.  Worry not though, the passes didn't go to waste!  A good friend of mine was able to make use of them. 

I would like to thank all of my new twitter followers!  And good luck to everyone with the $20 Tim Hortons gift card contest.  Don't forget to RT at least one of the Contest Tweets and be following me @GimmeDatFoFree to be qualified! 

Friday, 24 August 2012

First Contest $20 Tim Hortons Gift Card (Not sponsored, just a nice giveaway!)

**EDITED** (08/25/12)

Hey everyone, just thought I'd be nice and have a little giveaway on my blog.  Very simple rules, (1) MUST be following me on Twitter, and (2) must RT the tweets regarding this contest.  Please share this contest with all your friends and family to give them a shot at winning (don't be greedy, there'll be more contests!).  The contest runs from August 24th, 2012 until September 7th, at midnight EST.  The lucky winner will be announced both on Twitter and on this Blog! 

Ok so don't forget:
Follow here, retweet the contest tweets and you're automaticaly entered into the draw.

Must do both otherwise you don't qualify.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at GimmeDatFoFree@gmail.com!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A little bit about me

Ok, so here goes post #1!  I like things that are free (I mean, who doesn't right?)!  I'm not a professional blogger by any means, but hope that with time, you'll come to this site to find lots of free stuff that's being offered around this wonderful world of ours!  First things' first, please follow me on Twitter @GimmeDatFoFree

I love to product test, write honest reliable reviews, and promote or recommend modifications for products/services.  If you have a company that would like reviews of their products and/or services please send me quick message/tweet and I'll be glad to provide you with whatever you need to get this ball started.

I'll post everything I get/win for free and provide recommendations on how you can do the same.